Speaking Engagements.

A wide range of speaking packages are available including Keynotes, Seminars, and Educational Programs. A sampling of featured presentations are shown below.

References are available upon request.
CBJ Manufacturing Conference Session SpeakerCreativity Conference PanelTEDxMDMCMOCTrustbeltAMAMFG DayMMBC

Featured National Conferences & Seminars

Keynote Speaker: Midwest Manufacturing Leaders Conference 2017, St. Louis
Key Session Speaker: Midwest Manufacturing Business Conference 2017, Quad Cities
Keynote Speaker: American Marketing Association Conference 2017, St. Louis
Keynote Speaker & Panel Member: Trustbelt Conference 2017, Des Moines
Keynote Speaker: Convergence Conference 2017, St. Louis
Key Session Speaker: Lumina/21st Century Workforce Conference 2017, Quad Cities
Session Speaker and Panel Speaker: Advanced Design & Manufacturing Conference, 2017, Cleveland
Session Speaker: The MFG Meeting, 2017, Amelia Island
Podcast Guest: Making Chips, 2017, Chicago
Podcast Guest (3): Manufacturing Marketing Institute, 2016-2017
Key Session Presenter (6): FABTECH Expo and Conference 2016-2017, Chicago
Keynote Speaker: CFO Roundtable, Kirkwood Community College, 2017, Cedar Rapids
Keynote Speaker: Advantage Manufacturing (Wisconsin MEP) Conference, 2017, Menomonie
Keynote Speaker: IACCT Conference, 2017, Davenport
Podcast Guest: BusinessRadioX, 2017, Atlanta
Center Stage Speaker (2): Advanced Design & Manufacturing Conference, 2018, Anaheim
Key Session Speaker: Midwest Digital Marketing Conference, 2018, St. Louis
Guest Lecturer: Manufacturing Leadership Institute, 2018, Allentown
Keynote Speaker: IMEC Enterprise Excellence Conference, 2018, Oakbrook
Event Host & Emcee: TEDxDavenport, 2018-2019, Davenport
Podcast Co-Host: Riveting Exchanges by Women and Manufacturing, 2018-2019
Key Session Speaker: Illinois Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit, 2018
Key Session Speaker: CBJ Manufacturing Conference, 2018, Cedar Rapids
Event Host & Emcee: TEDxSalon@WIU, 2018, Moline
Guest Lecturer: Muscatine Community College, Executive Education, Muscatine
Panel Speaker: Professional Development Integrative Lifestyle Forum, 2018, Davenport
Event Host & Emcee: TEDxYouth, 2019, Davenport
Keynote Speaker: Marion Economic Development Conference, 2019, Marion
Event Host & Emcee: TEDxDavenport, 2019, Davenport
Podcast Host: The Customer Mission, 2018-2019